Sunday, November 29, 2015

Addictions are real.

We feel a triggered, act out (feel pleasure and numb out), come back real world, feel guilty (or a negative emotion) about what we did and on and on the cycle goes. We want to stop. We try with everything in our power to stop.  Our brains go so fast. Within an instant we find ourselves doing the one thing we hate the most, it gives us momentary pleasure and then we hit the ground, hard. We are miserable. We feel completely out of control. 

Addictions are real. They’re hard. 

If you don’t know how pornography or any addiction affects our brains read here

So what now?

The LDS Addiction Recovery Program manual puts it best, “If you suspect you are addicted and if you feel even the smallest desire to break free, we invite you to join us in studying and applying the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ as they are taught in this guide. We assure you that if you follow this path with a sincere heart, you will find the power you need to recover from addiction. As you apply each of these twelve principles faithfully, the Savior will strengthen you and you will come to “know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).”

To find a meeting click here.  (Everyone can go and they are free!)

To buy the manual click here. (only one dollar!!) 

You’re not alone in your addiction(s). There is help and best of all there is hope. Real hope, not just momentary pleasure. I testify that the Lord loves you. You can break free of any addiction(s). Yes, your addictions. I am talking to you. I know it’s hard; I’ve been there. I’m so thankful for the help and support I’ve received from 12 step meetings. It has helped me stop that destructive cycle. I pray that as you read this you can be filled with courage to try again. I know the addiction cycle is brutal and feels hopeless. You can do it, right now. Today’s your day to feel hope.

Much love, 


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